The Harder You Work, The Luckier You’ll Get

I was working with a sales manager last week-he manages a team of 20 inside sales reps with a direct report manager who helps manage half that team-and I asked him what kind of producer he was when he was selling.

“I was number one!” he answered proudly.

“And if you look at your team right now, many of whom are not at their goal, can you point to one thing you did to be number one that you don’t see in your team members?”

“That’s easy, I had a burning desire to succeed, and so I was constantly at my desk working. I had an urgency that was unmatched,” he replied.

“And what do you see as the main problem with your team right now?” I asked him.

“Simple: they don’t spend enough time making calls. They find too many other things to do instead of constantly hunting or contacting prospects or following up with clients.

“I fact,” he offered, “If they just spent more time dialing, they would all make a heck of a lot more sales and commissions,” he concluded.

I agree completely. And I see it everywhere I consult: Those reps who are the top producers are also the hardest working reps in the office. You don’t need to tell a top producer to get on the phone, or to spend less time in the breakroom. They already know that.

In fact, if you need to tell them anything, it’s to take an occasional break so they don’t burn out! (And all you managers know exactly what I’m talking about.)

I may not be popular for what I’m about to say, but sales is still a numbers game. Better numbers, sure. With social media, A.I., etc., we can qualify more in advance than simply “dialing for dollars,” but this should actually make the calls we do make even more successful!

If you’re picking up the phone and dialing…

Here are some sayings that, as a top producer, I used to live by:

“If you’re willing to do the things that most sales reps aren’t willing to do (like picking up the phone and making the most amount of calls in the office), then soon you’ll be able to enjoy the things that most sales reps will never be able to enjoy.”

Things like: Working from Hawaii-or anywhere else in the world-family vacations to the best spots on earth, retirement & savings accounts that allow you to sleep soundly at night, driving any car you want to drive, etc…

“If you want to buy something for yourself or your family, then pick up the phone and have someone else pay for it for you… “

“Sales solve everything.”

“The more calls I make, the luckier I get.” (The more buyers & sales I find.)

“Whenever I am undecided about when I should call a client or prospect back, it means I should pick up the phone right now and call them… “

“Prospecting is easy-once I follow a best practice approach and am prepared for the inevitable blow offs and objections I get-because they never change!”

“Making more sales and income is sure easier than being broke and worrying.”

“Riding on the bus sucks.” A Tribe Called Quest (still one of my favorite bands.)

“Some will, some won’t, who is NEXT?”

“If anyone else in the office can be a top producer, I can, too!”

If you agree that the more dials you make, the more people you will speak with and that will mean more buyers you’ll connect with, the resolve to make just 10 more dials today than you’re making right now. That is an easy goal. And look at how powerful that is:

10 more dials a day = 50 more calls in a week = 210 per month (4.2 weeks average in a month), = 2,520 more dials in a year! Hey, that’s more than some reps will make in a year total!

Just think of how much more commission you’ll earn if you just did that. What is that number worth to you?

And then double that. Triple it.

Are you getting a feeling for how you can double or triple your income this year?

The bottom line, as I like to say, is that the harder you work, the luckier you will get. The real question is: How motivated are you to earn more?

And that’s a question only you can answer.