3 Steps to Manifesting the Results You Want

1. Ask for what you want.

So many people limit themselves in asking for what they really want. There are a few reasons. One is that they are so overwhelmed and stressed out they can’t tune into what it really even is. This is why I typically start a coaching relationship with removing energy drains and focusing on self-care. Another is because they are simultaneously worrying about “how” it’s going to happen and stop themselves in their tracks. The how is not our business and the universe has a much bigger plan than we ever could have dreamt up for ourselves. It’s pretty spectacular really. The third is many people don’t feel worthy enough of greatness (or don’t know they can even ask), and don’t bother trying. Watch the movie or read the book for a great intro. (or tune up) to all of this.

2. Believe you will have it.

This hands down is where most people stop themselves. You can say you want something, but deep down if your beliefs aren’t aligned with it you won’t get it. This is why most people intellectually know these principles, but if they’re life isn’t reflecting it it’s because they aren’t feeling it deep down. Most of the beliefs that are running the show are unconscious. Beliefs dictate how we perceive ourselves and the world, and therefore the decisions and actions we take or don’t take. For example, if you decided you weren’t smart enough when your teacher embarrassed you in class growing-up, you will continue to create experiences in your life that tell you that you’re not smart enough. Like a not so great job or lack of business results. You will do the things that make it so. Crazy I know, but so liberating at the same time to know you have control over this. Affirm the empowered belief you want over and over, and start making decision from this place. I love A Course in Miracles for this, because it teaches us that we ALL meant to create joy regardless of age, sex, religion, schooling, etc. We share more in this in our latest podcast episode (see above).

3. Receive it.

This is another area where people get stuck. The “way” always shows up by way of an idea or opportunity. Most people have a hard time receiving the goodness waiting for them because they don’t feel good enough (back to beliefs). So, the next step will literally be right there, but they don’t even see it because their energy (worthiness is love and their dreams are love), doesn’t align with what they’re wanting. This is why I’m such a huge supporter of self-care. Because when you take the time to do the things you love, what you’re really saying is that you’re worthy of what brings you joy in your life, like your dreams. Practice receiving. Often. Saying yes to what shows up even if it’s a little scary is integral to receiving. You must be willing to take that next step when you do become aware of it. This is called inspired action. If you say things like I can’t afford it or I don’t have the time, the opportunity will pass you right on by. The belief you’re operating from is not enough, and you need to go back to beliefs.