OCCWAY Development History

In 1994, a printing machinery factory was formally established and named “Linnan Printing Machinery Factory.” At that time, the products were hot foil stamping machines and die cutter. Thanks to the founders’ efforts, they set up a solid foundation for machinery, creating a very good sales performance within 5 years.

In China’s printing and packaging machinery industry, most people know Linnan Printing Machinery Factory. We occupied about 50% of the Chinese market, our sales throughout the country.

That was the predecessor of the OCCWAY Company.

By 2003, the market for hot foil stamping machines and die cutting machines was already in oversupply. There are more than 100 manufacturers of these machines in China. Besides, the quality of all manufacturers is uneven, and they are trying to seize the market share by competing a price war, which declined our company’s profit.

In this difficult time, the company made a new decision:

  • Begin to selectively develop new markets with maintaining the quality of original equipment.
  • Establish a new company (ZHIVE Machinery) to start developing new products, which is sheet cutting machine now we are selling.

After one year of research and development, we announced the successful development of roll paper sheet cutter (sheet cutting machine).

In 2004, our new equipment was officially put into production and we had our first customer of new equipment.

Some people may ask us: Why not continue to use LINNAN’s brand to create new products, but instead of using the new brand of ZHIVE?


Products with different brands and sub-teams can help improve professionalism, product professionalism and brand awareness.

The old brand has a long history and probably won’t be suitable for marketing in the next period. We need a young brand and a young team to build products and markets, so that we can make it adapt to the future changes in the market. Besides, old brand will exist as a parent company.

In the past, the profit models of Chinese companies were mostly based on product-led product profit models. Each manufacturer was proud to produce products with lower prices, and took advantage of scale to make profits.

In the new century, Chinese customers are updating their consumption. We firmly believe that in the future, the profit model of most Chinese companies will shift from an era of simple, single product profit model to an era of brand profitability model.

China and the world are undergoing tremendous changes, and we must keep up with the pace and even surpass the development of the times.

By 2012, due to the success of brand operations, our annual shipments have already reached 100 units. In this year, we made a transformation again:

We have established a new trading company named OCCWAY Company. Since then, we officially began the global export trade.

To improve the overall level of products and production, we were learning the production level of Europe and America, promoting the upgrade of entire company.

So far, we have sold our products to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.

In the near future, we will get a new round of product upgrades. By then, more advanced products will be presented to our customers. At the same time, we will continue to update sales and after-sales service levels in order to meet the needs of global customers. We believe customers around the world can understand our intentions!

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