Flex Banners Printing In Munirka Opposit Vasant Vihar Bus Depot Near Vasant Kunj New Delhi INDIA

Flex Banner Printing

A few years back, there was a trend of making cloth banner. Whether it is corporate or small-scale industries used to get print cloth banner, The cost per square feet used to go higher. But now when it comes to the banner printing, means “FLEX BANNER”. Very very fast moving PVC Banner (Poly Vinyl Chloride) material for making Vinyl Banner, Exhibition Banner, Backdrop are the perfect advertising tools for any business or events with digital print. It’s an economical way to reach out to your client and prospects. Easily you can get print wide up to 10 ft and lengthwise any size you required, due to flexible material easy to carry out from one place to another place without any damage and extraordinary cartage. The basic thickness of this stuff comes 300 gsm I. e. 10 ft x 10 ft each pcs weight does not exceed more than 2.8 kg.

Available Media: Basically it is the material used in outdoor mainly so it may be small or big size branding. The flex media available size is in roll form 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′ length more than 50 ft. These are the banner made mostly for the billboard, politician banner and exhibition in large quantity.

Print Process: Printing on PVC banner is done direct computer to printing machine whereas you can get print infographics, no required any other media as like in offset printing. There are various factor to get the best flex banner printing quality, in the point of view as the quality material, ink, and printing machine quality also are the major factor. You come to know its a roll form printing process. Usually, printing done trough solvent ink for outdoor advertising and eco-solvent printing is used in indoor branding.

Solvent Print: Solvent printing process, you can get print up to 10 ft. wide and compare to eco-solvent per square ft. the cost comes cheaper. To enhance printing quality there is up to 4 pass printing option to enhance better printability. Where 4 pass stand for printing head moves 4-time particular area to increase ink density. While print is in progress it releases harmful smells until proper dry out and ink dilute in water, it may cause to produce to water pollution categories.

Eco-Solvent: You can get print maximum wide up-to 5ft and lengthwise any size due to costly ink per square ft. The cost comes higher of eco-solvent print compared to solvent print and quality of printing is high. Eco-solvent ink does not release the smell and does not dilute in the water. Usually, used indoor branding. It’s a fully eco-friendly printing process.

There is the uncountable product made of PVC form banner such as Flex Banner, Events, Hoarding, Festival Banner, Exhibition Banner, Seminar Banner, Branding Banner, Backdrop, Mesh Banner, One Vision Film & Hoarding etc. Get Big Format Print to capture the stadium, Rally etc.

Flex Banner printing is very cheap and high visual advertisement material in any traffic area, even indoor or outdoor, easy to reach more approach to your prospects.